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Centre of Hydrogeology


The Centre of Hydrogeology was set up by the University of Málaga in response to the growing demand for water and to the problems encountered in this respect, in both its quality and its quantity, especially among Mediterranean countries.

Today’s society faces a series of important challenges concerning groundwater, which is currently a fundamental source of fresh water for sustaining life on Earth. Urban supply, irrigation, climate change, the management of aquifers, the protection of water quality and the application of European Community directives on water issues – these are just some of the topics that must be addressed in forthcoming years, and the University of Málaga cannot remain on the sidelines in this field.

The Centre of Hydrogeology is the headquarters of the Partnership Association "Advanced Hydrogeological Studies", constituted of the University of Málaga Hydrogeology Group (GHUMA) and the Spanish Geological Survey (IGME).

Benaoján Springs (El Ejío or Molino del Santo) (Sierra de Líbar)


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